Marketing Your Book on Amazon by Shelley Hitz

Unlike other reviewers I don’t yet have a book on Amazon. As you all know I am about to publish a Middle Years Creative Arts textbook soon. Global Citizens will be packaged in an eReader and will become an example of Rapid eLearning. Now I have the writing bug! I have gathered enough ideas to start publishing adult books about developing resilience and confidence in your creative arts practice.

Thanks to Shelly I have already started to work on the “21 things” she outlines in the book. She explains how to unpack in the authors area and how to set information out on the Amazon sellers site so that the book gains maxiumum exposure.  The book is almost like a guided tour.

Marketing Your Book On Amazon: 21 Things You Can Easily Do For Free To Get More Exposure and Sales (Book Marketing on a Shoestring Budget) has been an enlighhtening read. The clear instructions will get any book publishing venture off to a good start. It is good to have such a logically formatted guide that explains clearly how to set up as an author on Amazon.

I have already signed up for GoodReads and have downloaded a template sent by Shelley as a gift for writing this review. The template is easy to use and practical – this I love.
It is great to know there is a self publishing coach at hand who really knows her stuff! As soon as I have a chance I am going to sign up for her Publishing Course
Thanks Shelly – I know that I received copy of the book from you – but it is well worth buying and you have tempted me to see what else you have in store.



About Brisbane Artist

Jo is a Creative Arts Teacher from Down Under, Jo lives in tropical paradise Brisbane Queensland.AU The topic that fascinates Jo is a Rapid eLearning The types of subjects Jo writes about thrive on synergy and so does she. Creativity and self expression are essential components of the curriculum, and yet so often they are overlooked as the source of self efficacy and resilience. Jo has been studying how to harness the power of multimedia and the creative arts as a therapist and community worker. Passionate about developing communities of like minded people who accompany each other on a path toward spiritual, psychological and physical health, Jo seeks to remain open to all possible forms and ways of personal and community expression. By challenging all educators to connect the various kinds of art, Jo hopes to dialogue about how the Creative Arts can be a made a more explicitly vital part of everyday lived experience. Teaching Art and being a Creative Arts Therapist has fostered a passion for personal development and for healing within community. Jo has an interest in all aspects of natural healing that promote inner balance and well being.
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