New Jobs for Older Workers : Jenni Proctor

New Jobs for Older Workers (2012) is the result of years of dedicated application by Jenni Proctor. It is a great targeted little book for those who wish to settle for a more rewarding career as they approach that wonderful empowering age of 55 or older.
Why do I say 55? Simply because this is the time when people start restructuring to transition into retirement. As this stage of life no one wants to be bullied or experience dull, listless boredom.
Jenni would probably say that you should be thinking about this at about 40!
Renegotiating Life’s Goals
55 years is a time when values are renegotiated and a different type of goal setting emerges. For example if the goal is now travel this genre might become a means of bringing in a little income from retirement activities. As Jenni says looking at a range of income streams that can spin off career changes is a worthwhile thing to do.
I have known Jenni for a very long time.  We have worked together and subsequently transitioned in separate employment spheres. I am a writer and educator who is absorbed by managing conversations with philosophers and writers in the context of Rapid eLearning.  The channel is a space where we interact, inform and be informed by the artists who struggle to understand the educational philosophy of these connected times.  For those of that vare artists we delve into the intricacies of the pedagogy and the andragogy of the times in which these art genres were are are rapidly evolving.

Writing as a Suport for Embarking on a New Career

So although Jenni and I now travel different roads we often find ways to catch on the campuses of places such as Australian Catholic University. You will see from our LinkedIn profiles that Jenni acted as a Career Counsellor and I was and still am a sessional lecturer. It has been an amazing journey and rather intriguing to see how our paths have crossed while we explore options and draw on our inner emotional reserves.  It has taken tenacaty and resilience and network support to find ways to move about the fluid world of opportunity blended from online and offline activities in a steady stream of contract work and self-engendered Internet opportunity.

Valuing Oneself in a World of Rapid Change

Jenni is an empowering counsellor.  She always taught me to value myself and my time. I was a little disappointed to see that the Kindle edition of her book was only $1.99! My own book is soon to be released and it will sit at $15 and $160 in an eTwist. I have studied Internet marketing and I know that the first text one releases is usually free or based at 99c as a way of haring with others until such time as the author has a following. I find this strategy a hard one to watch as I have learned so much from Jenni over the years and respect her tenacity and the knowledge she shares with others so highly.

Social Media and Transitioning in the Workforc

I read Jenni’s articles on LinkedIn, which Jenni says “is the largest social networking program existing solely to bring together people in on a business or professional level.
On March 22 2011 they reached 100 million members around the world. Members invite people to become a trusted contact via LinkedIn. Members also join groups, formed around a common interest. Through these groups you can easily connect with others who are interested in the same professional or business interests, you can communicate with them and engage in conversation.”
Quite frankly I am amazed by the value of this networking tool. It is a very tangible way of staying in contact with professionals and means that the connections  (such as mine and Jenni’s) can be fostered even we see each other very rarely. It was on Linked In that I just happened to notice that Jenni and written a book.

The Art of Book Marketing

I actually study book marketing as a topic.  Here is a book review that has been useful to me Marketing Your Book on Amazon by Shelley Hitz.

I hope that it is all right to make a few suggestions about the book itself before closing. Could there be a Guide on the Side workbook downloadable from the Career Clarity Website? (Or is it there already?)

And next time Jenni could you spread the word directly to those of us who love you and would have written a book review immediately so as to be there to support and to cheer?

Proctor, Jenni (2012-10-11). New Jobs for Older Workers: A Practical Guide to Rewarding Career Change (Help Me Find A Job) (Kindle Locations 1027-1030). Clarity Connections Pty Ltd. Kindle Edition.


About Brisbane Artist

Jo is a Creative Arts Teacher from Down Under, Jo lives in tropical paradise Brisbane Queensland.AU The topic that fascinates Jo is a Rapid eLearning The types of subjects Jo writes about thrive on synergy and so does she. Creativity and self expression are essential components of the curriculum, and yet so often they are overlooked as the source of self efficacy and resilience. Jo has been studying how to harness the power of multimedia and the creative arts as a therapist and community worker. Passionate about developing communities of like minded people who accompany each other on a path toward spiritual, psychological and physical health, Jo seeks to remain open to all possible forms and ways of personal and community expression. By challenging all educators to connect the various kinds of art, Jo hopes to dialogue about how the Creative Arts can be a made a more explicitly vital part of everyday lived experience. Teaching Art and being a Creative Arts Therapist has fostered a passion for personal development and for healing within community. Jo has an interest in all aspects of natural healing that promote inner balance and well being.
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